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Metallised Dielectric Film is the primary Raw Material used in the manufacturing of Film Capacitors. These Films are produced in specialised Vacuum Metallisers that use an advanced Vapour Deposition technology to coat an engineered metal layer on a Dielectric Base Film.

Meher Advanced Materials offers a wide range of high Quality Metallised Polypropylene and Metallised Polyester Films of various types. The Base Films used are from globally recognised sources.

MAM also under takes the manufacturing of  Customised Profiles and Specifications on request.

Our experienced R&D Team is focused on developing Specialised Films to suit future technology trends and safety requirements.

Quality Assurance

  • MAM controls Quality in the selection of Base Films & other key production materials
  • During Inward process, critical characteristics of materials are tested using internal & external Test Facilities
  • SPC and Quality Gates are followed during the process in order to produce reliable and consistent quality of Film
  • Slit Metallised Film Reels undergo Routine and Special Tests using the latest in-house Testing Equipment
  • The Metallised Film Reels are vacuum packed with desiccants