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Welcome to Meher Advanced Materials

Meher Advanced Materials Private Limited is the Metallised Dielectrics Business Unit of the MEHER Group based in Bangalore, India. The MEHER Group, establised in 1977, has a proven track record and global presence in the Energy Domain.

Meher Advanced Materials (MAM) designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality Thin & Ultra Thin Metallised Dielectric Films for different Capacitors.

The experience & knowledge of the team and a strong emphasis on Product Quality is a key differentiator which adds to MAM’s Value Proposition to it’s Customers.

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News & events

  • 2017: Meher Advanced Materials offers Ultra-High Temperature Metallised Dielectrics using SABIC’s ULTEM™ Film, for Capacitor applications with operating temperatures > 125°C
  • 2017: Meher Advanced Materials sets up a Marketing Joint Venture “SMH Co.” with Sungho Electronics Corp, South Korea with a focus to grow the global business in high-end applications by offering a variety of specialised dielectrics. The JV is Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.
  • 2014: MAM’s R&D Team sets up a specialised Metallised Dielectrics Evaluation (MDE) Lab, which includes it’s own Ageing Test Set-Up.
  • 2013: MAM inaugurates it’s Insulation Fault Testing Machine – the first of it’s kind in India.
  • 2012: MAM commissions it’s second state of the art ULVAC Vacuum Metallising Machine
  • 2009: MEHER Advanced Materials Pvt. Ltd. begins commercial operations.